This page is intended to be a center for Somali Medical laboratory professionals in Africa,Asia,Australia,Europe, and North america, in which they can have an opportunity to know each other and to exchange their ideas. It is imperative to have a community comprised of Somali professionals in Medical field who could be a role model to new Somali student in Colleges or Universities.

In this page you will find pictures and a brief history of Somali Medical Laboratory Professionals who are currently working in Hospitals /Clinics in Africa, Asia, USA,

This organization is open to any Somali Medical laboratories including Medical Technologists/Clinical lab Scientists/Medical lab Technicians and Phlebotomists.

Any Somali Medical laboratory Technologist /Technician/phlebotomist who is interested in being a member for this organization is welcome.

If you would like to send your pictures, and brief history about your career, please do not hesitate to send through this Email.

Abdikasim m ali,MPH,MLS(ASCP),MT,(AMT)



Biomedical Science (Hon) Wolverhampton University UK.

Subjects studied included: Clinical biochemistry, Microbiology, Haematology and blood transfusion, Graduate Skills, Medical genetics, Cellular pathology, Cell biology Clinical immunology and molecular biology,biology of disease,integrated physiology etc.




Access to higher Education South Birmingham Collage gained 23 level three credits of Math’s, biology, chemistry, physics and study skills.


Computer courses including Microsoft Office, Computer Maintenance (A+), and soft ware programs such as CNC at MBC Collage.


English course at Brass house Birmingham.

LANGUAGES,other than English,Arabic and Somali

Employment History


2008-2011- Assistant advisor of community health promotion in Birmingham (Asunah education and recreation centre) I am still in my position.



AL-Rehab central laboratory in Cairo

I have experience in Clinical Biochemistry having worked in the capacity of Laboratory technician in various posts. Overseas summer jobs.


1. 13 months of working and training experience in biochemistry laboratory (12 weeks per year in summer vacations period from 2006 until 2009), involved with Pre-analytical tasks and analytical tasks such as Biochemistry tests (U&E, LFT, TSH, FSH,LH,PSA etc) using Roche Automated Modular.

2. HbA1c analysis using TOSOH G7 Analyser

3. Serum Protein Electrophoresis using Sebia Hydroasys

4. POCT (Gas analysers at the Hospital Wards)

5. Lithium Estimation on Roche 9180 Lithium Analyser

6. Osmolality Determination By Osmometer Model 3320

7. CSF Xanthochromia Routine Analysis on Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer).

At the present, Habiba Mahdi Ibrahim is an employee at The Children’s Hospital of Minnesota as a clinical laboratory scientist where she works as Generalist in all areas of the Lab  such as blood bank, hematology, chemistry and microbiology. Habiba took most part of her high school in Pakistan, but moved to Minnesota before she finished. On her arrival to Minnesota, she went back to school, and she immediately graduated from Washburn High School. After high school, Habiba decided to pursue her dream. She attended to the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities where I studied double majors in Physiology and Medical Technology. In 2006 Habiba graduated with double major and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Physiology. Right now, Habiba’s future goal is to get more knowledge in medical field.

My name is Yusuf Omar Hassan , I completed my Secondary School Umul Quraa School at Mogadishu , Somalia in 2002 .I completed my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at International

University of Africa in Sudan in 2007 . I worked as lecturer of microbiology in Faculty of nursing at University of Mogadishu in 2008-2009. Also I have an advanced diploma of bioscience and biotechnology at University of Gezira in Sudan.

Leylo Ali completed her high school education in Nairobi Kenya in 2000. She is currently fourth year medical laboratory Scientist student, working as an intern in a Community laboratory. She studied three years on campus in Massey University in New Zealand and decided to do her specialties in Hematology and Microbiology as her final fourth year papers.

Her immediate Plans after completion of her internship is to work and develop enough skills that will enable her become a competent Lab scientist. Her educational Goal is to attend to graduate School.


Said abdulkadir Mohamud Completed his Secondary School in Mogadishu -Somalia on 2004, he went to Hyderabad India , and started his Bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory Technology , from Dr.N.T.R University Of Health Science , and Graduated in 2008.Currently he is working in Puntland Malaria Quality Control Laboratory, Garowe - Somalia , where his major duties are on Rechecking and Quality controlling Malaria Slides.on beside , he is Running his own Health Training Institue , where he is working as a lecturer and manager of the institute with other Somali young educators from sudan, pakistan and india.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed is currently student at Dr. NTR University of Health Science in Hyderabad.
Mr ahmed is about to graduate this Year with Bachelor of Science In Medical Technology. 

Sadia Nor recieved her Associate degree in Medical lab tech from St Paul College. Sadia currrently works Fairview health system as Medical lab Tech.

Osman Hasan MLT(ASCP) 
Osman Hasan obtained his Associate Degree from St paul Community College in 2006 as Medical laboratory Tech. Osman is working on  to get Med tech from Winona StateUniversity. He currently works at Children Hospital of Mn in St paul Compus as Medical Laboratory Tech.

Mahamed Ali received his Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from North Hennepin Community College in 2001 and his Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from University of MN in 2006. He is currently working on Molecular laboratory diagnostic from Michigan State University-East Lansing. Before he came in USA, Mahamed Ali was student of Somali National University-College of Education in Biological science. Mahamed Ali is presently working at The King Feysal Medical Center in Saudi Arabia as Clinical Laboratory Scientist and his educational Goal is to obtain Master of Science in Molecular Laboratory Diagnostic

Mahamed Dhunkal received his Bachelor’s degree in Law from International Islamic University in 1999 and his Associate Degree in Medical laboratory Science from South Central Community College.He is currently working at Children Hospital of Mn as Medical laboratory Tech CLT(NCA) .Dhunkal is completing his Med Tech Program from Winona  State University(WSU)

Nuur  hashi MLS (ASCP)
Noor Hashi received his associate degree and BS  in Medical laboratory Science from Winona State University of  MN. Nuur works at United Hospital as Medical laboratory Science.

Cabdiqasim, Cali ,MHSc-MLS(ASCP), MT(AMT). Abdikasim received Master of Health Science in Public Health and Graduate Certificate in Molecular laboratory diagnostic  from Michigan State University and Trident University. He also received  his Bachelor’s degree and Associate Degree  from MSU and St Paul college .

Hamad Osman  MLS(ASCP).
Hamad Osman recieved his Associate Degree and Bachelor degree  in Medical  Technology from South Central Community College  and St Cloud State University .He currently works at Children Hospital Of MN in Saint Paul Compus as Medical laboratory Tech.